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Mozzie Mel shows up on Kensington High Street!

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September 8th, 2016

Shoppers and pedestrians on Kensington High Street were met by a fearsome sight as the one and only Mozzie Mel made yet another appearance for the Bug Off! 2016 campaign, this time outside London’s Altimus store.

The live event was run in partnership with this year’s platinum sponsor Craghoppers. It featured live Aedes aegypti mosquitoes on show for the public, safely looked after by arctec staff members, along with Mozzie Mel buzzing around the surrounding area with many a selfie taken. Curious people passing by were keen to hear more about how they could protect themselves from insects such as the little mozzies flying in the cage in the window, which can transmit Zika, dengue and yellow fever virus.

The Bug off! campaign looks to provide information to the public on how to stay safe whilst travelling. An incredible 74% of people who travel to tropical countries don’t take insect repellent with them. To stay safe, make sure you use a repellent containing 20-50% of the active ingredient; DEET or PMD and apply properly to all exposed skin. Other effective ways of preventing bites are to wear insecticide treated clothing.

Remember: you’re always better off safe than bitten

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Visit the Bug Off! 2016 website here: www.bug-off.org