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Dame Kelly Holmes heads up BugOff! 2016

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August 18th, 2016

It’s been a busy run up to this year’s Bug Off! 2016 campaign! We are extremely excited to have Double Olympic Champion Dame Kelly Holmes as the face of the campaign.

As she heads off to Rio to support fellow athletes, Dame Kelly has made sure that she has taken all the steps to be Bug Body Ready, by packing her mosquito repellent, and urges all those travelling abroad this year to do the same.

As self-proclaimed mosquito attractor, Dame Kelly knows just how important it is to stay safe and bite-free when holidaying and travelling abroad:

I’ve been very privileged as an athlete to travel the world and compete, but now I’m retired it gives me time to actually discover new places, which I love. But I’m a person who definitely attracts bugs – I get covered in bites. I learnt the hard way when I did Mission Survive with Bear Grylls, so, for Rio, I’ll be packing my repellent to make sure they don’t get me. I’m Bug Body Ready.’

Intrepid adventurer and explorer Levison Wood and British marathon runner Amy Hughes have also joined us for Bug Off!. Levison, who you may know from Walking the Nile on Channel 4, also encourages travellers to get ‘Bug Body Ready’ ahead of their exotic trips:

‘I’m going to be encountering all sorts of creepy crawlies on my next expedition Walking The Americas, so it’s incredibly important I’m bug body ready. Are you?’


Join in the buzz on Twitter: @BugOff_2016 #BugBodyReady

Visit the Bug Off! 2016 website here: www.bug-off.org