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March 4th, 2019

Destinations show kicks off 2019 Bug Off! campaign

By Chris Rixson – Marketing Executive, ARCTEC

Did you meet the friendly faces of Bug Off! at the recent Destinations show in London?

For the second consecutive year, we kicked off our travel health awareness campaign at the UK’s biggest event in the travel and holiday sector – the Destinations Travel & Holiday Show.

Packed with thousands of holiday-makers looking to book their next summer getaway, travel writers and celebrities sharing their exploratory experiences, and hundreds of expert travel agencies, the Destinations show was the ideal place for us to share our top travel health tips.

Contrary to belief that eating foods such as garlic and marmite will prevent mosquito bites, visitors to Bug Off! were surprised to learn about how mosquitoes are actually attracted and repelled by specific chemical compounds produced by the body.

After some important mosquito myth-busting, we reiterated to visitors about the importance of using repellents (containing the active ingredients of DEET, PMD, picaridin or IR3535) when out and about on holiday, and to reapply regularly as repellents wear off, especially in hot or humid conditions.

As we expected, our demonstration cage of lab-based mosquitoes were a big hit across a busy four days at Destinations, with more than 750 enthusiastic visitors stopping at the stand to test their ‘attractiveness’ to our mosquitoes.

We would like to thank everyone who came by the Bug Off! stand at the Destinations show. You contributed to a very successful campaign launch.

Don’t worry if you missed us though, we will be back on the road again as we head into Spring.

We are excited to announce that Bug Off! will be exhibiting at Innovate Guildford (23 March), The Encephalitis Society’s My Brain and Medicine event (29 April) and the Science Museum Lates event (29 May) – make sure to see us there!

The Bug Off! 2019 campaign is proudly sponsored by Anthisan, Eurocamp, THEYE and Anglo European Trading.